Craft Business Success

Are you thinking about or getting started with running a creative online business? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the different places to market and sell your work and all the conflicting advice?

Just like with my eco-printing, I’ve spent years learning about business through both research and experimentation. And just like with my eco-printing, now I want to share with you what I have discovered. This ebook is a detailed and practical guide to craft business success, so that you can be saved months of learning and instead jump right into growing your business.

The first half of this ebook introduces you to some guiding principles of running a creative online business. These are ways of thinking about and acting in your business that will support you to grow sustainably, enjoyably and with integrity.

If you really want a business that reflects who you are and what you care about, then you can’t follow anyone else’s formula. You need to develop your own way of doing things. The principles are a framework to support you in this.

The second half of this ebook covers many different online places where you can sell and market your work. I keep referring back to the principles throughout this section, to show you how they can help you to make choices about how to use each platform in the way that is best for you. This will support you to build an online business presence that  people connect with and look up to.

Throughout it all, you will be encouraged to trust yourself and design a business around your skills and preferences.

This ebook is priced in Australian Dollars, which will be converted to your currency during check out. Calculate an approximate conversion here. This ebook originally cost AU$25. However, I am experimenting with a ‘pay what you can’ pricing model, to make my work accessible to more people. So choose what you are able to pay and what feels like a fair exchange to you.

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