Plant Poetry: Eco-printing on Paper

How to eco-print on paper

Are you interested in exploring natural plant dyes and the eco-print technique? Or perhaps you are already a seasoned eco-printer but would like to learn more about working with paper? This ebook provides an in-depth guide to each step of the process.

There are illustrated pages about different categories of leaves, with specific plant names to help you choose good leaves to eco-print with right away. You will learn about different paper types and the options of preparing them with metal and soy mordants, or adding iron and dye blankets on top. It also covers different options for bundling and cooking, some pointers for improving pale prints, and suggestions for how to use your beautiful eco-printed paper. At the end is a recipe section with step by step instructions for 4 special projects, including discharge printing.

This beautifully illustrated, 84 page PDF is $25 (Australian dollars). Save money by buying it in my ebook bundle.

After purchase, you will be sent an email receipt which contains your download link. This sometimes ends up in people’s spam folders so if you can’t find it please check there (preferably via a computer rather than smartphone).


Amazing ebook. You have taken the mystery out of a subject that I have become fascinated with, explaining in useful easy terms how to get the best out of your work. – Sherril

I purchased your ebook on ecoprinting paper – it was the best 84 pages I have ever read. Thank you. – Rosemary