The Leaf Guide: 25 Plants for Eco-printing on Cotton

This ebook covers 25 plants which eco-print well on cotton. There is information about identifying and preparing each plant, with photographs of the leaves themselves and the types of prints they produce. 25 plants for eco-printing on cotton

There is also a discussion about plant pigments, and the differences in using fresh, soaked or dry leaves to dye with. At the end are some examples of clothing and fabric dyed with different combinations of leaves, to inspire you in your own compositions. You can view some sample photographs here.

I have intentionally included plants native to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. Many also have a wide range as introduced plants. There is a focus on temperate zone plants, though some also grow in subtropical zones.

This ebook is not a step-by-step guide to eco-printing on cotton. That is covered in my first ebook Gum Leaf Alchemy. Instead, it is a sequel that deeply explores plants beyond eucalyptus.

This beautifully illustrated, 84 page PDF is $20 (Australian dollars). Save money by buying it in my ebook bundle.

After purchase, you will be sent an email receipt which contains your download link. This sometimes ends up in people’s spam folders so if you can’t find it please check there (preferably via a computer rather than smartphone).


So inspirational and helpful! Full of great info from all of her extensive research. And beautiful images. Thank you! – Jennifer

Thank you for this beautiful offering! I purchased yesterday and it was so well done that I went back and bought Gum Leaf Alchemy as well. I’ve been exploring my own printables and I much appreciate the time and love you’ve put into your books. – Stephanie

I’ve just received my copy and it’s brilliant! So much detail and inspiration! I can’t wait for Autumn again for a perfect blue Maple print. – Nicole