Ebook FAQS

Which Ebook should I start with?

If you want to learn how to eco-print on cotton, Gum Leaf Alchemy is definitely the one to start with. Although it focuses on eucalyptus leaves, it also gives step by step instructions for the entire process. The Leaf Guide has been written as a follow up guide which delves into each of the 25 leaves, but assumes this prior knowledge of the process. And of course, if you are looking to work with paper rather than fabric, check out Plant Poetry.

Can I use the same method for eco-printing on wool or silk?

Most of the method covered in Gum Leaf Alchemy also works on wool or silk. The main difference is that cotton needs mordanting while animal fibres don’t. You can still use a mordant on animal fibres if you want darker colours but go easy as too much iron mordant can damage them. Silk and wool also need longer cooking times than cotton, of about 2 hours. Finally, fresh leaves are often better for wool and silk, whereas I soak my leaves when dyeing on cotton (or whenever I use an iron mordant).

I don’t live in Australia. Will The Leaf Guide cover plants that grow near me?

Most of the plants covered are not Australian natives and I have intentionally chosen plants from different regions of the world. That said, there is a focus on those that grow in temperate climates.

Are they available in any other languages?

Not at this stage, sorry!

How do I receive the ebook after purchase?

This depends on what sort of device you are buying on. If possible, a computer or tablet is better than a phone. The ebook should open straight after purchase, so that you can read and download it. You will also be emailed a download link, which occasionally ends up in people’s spam folders. Keep this download link in case you need it at a later stage. If you have trouble receiving the ebook, please contact me and I will email it directly to you.

Do I need special software to read the ebooks?

The ebooks are all saved as PDFs, so any software that uses that file type will work. I use Adobe Acrobat.

Can I print the ebooks out?

Of course! You can print them out from your home computer. Just make sure you have them open in a program like Adobe Acrobat. Some people also like to get them printed and bound through a company like Office Choice.

Natural dyeing with maple, liquidambar and cotinus leaves