The unfolding of Gumnut Magic

I’ve decided recently to bring more of my creations into Gumnut Magic, beyond just eco-printing and natural dyeing. I also love to sew and make collages, and I want to make a home for these things here too. I’ve tried doing it separately for the past few years and it just doesn’t work. And when I think about it, everything I do is deeply interconnected. It is all rooted in a love for nature and using materials carefully and with respect. Sometimes this involves eco-printing on second hand fabric with plants gathered on local walks, like this sweet rose:

Sometimes this involves piecing together magical garments from worn out clothing and scraps of fabric, inspired by fairies and other magical beings. This dress is made from old tshirts, lovingly given new life (and you may notice its resemblance to the wasteland dress I share recently):

Sometimes this involves piecing together collages using scraps of images from old books and magazines. Seeking spirit and mythology hidden in the debris of Western civilisation. This work is called ‘Edge of the Sacred‘, inspired by David Tacey’s fabulous book of the same name:

Whether you are here just for the plant dyes, or excited for these new sharings, thank you for reading and being part of the unfolding of Gumnut Magic.

4 thoughts on “The unfolding of Gumnut Magic”

  1. Please share! Creatives often have more than one pot brewing and I love to see where your interests take you! Gosh I wish there was a simple, shared pattern for that tee shirt dress, lovely. Anyway, it will be wonderful to see new things.

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm Cindy, I am looking forward to sharing more. And I have actually been pondering how to help people make a dress with this design. It’s very much built in the 3D rather than cut out from a flat pattern, so I’m not sure yet how to teach it, but hopefully one day!

  2. I love how original and unique all of your creations are! You are an original thinker with genuine creations. Very nice work. Thanks for taking time out to share!

    1. Thanks Lydia, it is so nice to be able to share these other creations here and to get some lovely comments.

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