Eco-printing on cotton

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Learning how to eco-print on cotton: everyone’s beautiful results at my workshop

My workshops introduce you to the theory and practise of eco-printing with eucalyptus leaves. You are invited to bring along 2 items of cotton clothing (or scarves, cushion covers etc), to transform with natural plant dyes. Over the day, you will learn about and participate in:

  • Leaf collection and preparation
  • Fabric mordanting
  • Placing leaves
  • Wrapping bundles
  • Cooking
  • Unbundling


“Louise you are a fantastic teacher, I had the best day sharing stories, lives and magical brews in the cauldron. Came away with new knowledge plus an amazingly crisply printed piece of slow fashion.” – Michele

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, and really liked your style of teaching… The atmosphere was calm and organised and I especially liked the format of a bit of theory first. I loved that you gave a full demonstration on ‘how to’ and you were very accessible to all participants. Everyone had a good understanding of how to do each step and why, what to expect,and how to do everything safely… I will have no trouble recommending your workshop Louise, and as an older person, I am grateful to you young women who are doing the hard yards and generously sharing your knowledge.” – Sue

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