Elementor #34

Let’s connect to the earth,

discover the colours of our place, 

and unwrap some beautiful bundles together. 

 Eco-printing and natural dyeing doesn’t have to be mysterious or complicated. 
It can be simple, eco-friendly and joyful!

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No more throwing random leaves on fabric and hoping for the best! 
It’s fun to experiment. But it’s more fun when our experiments actually work, because we understand all the variables, and which ones we can play with. Let me help you to get beautiful results, easily and naturally.  

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They teach you the exact methods I’ve spent years honing, so that you can jump right in and feel confident in the bundles you unwrap. They can be purchased individually or get all 4 in my ebook bundle

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Who is Gumnut Magic?

I’m Louise Upshall, an artist and eco-printer living in the Blue Mountains of Australia.
I love teaching my simple and practical methods of eco-printing, to help you get bright, clear prints more easily and joyfully.
I run workshops, teach online and I’m the author of several eco-printing books and ebooks.
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Check out my new book, Leaf & Colour

If you only want to read one of my books, make it this one! It’s a complete introduction to eco-printing and natural dyeing. Once you understand all the methods and variables, you can start combining them into your own unique compositions.

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Do you prefer videos? Be guided through the process with my online courses

My most popular ecourse:

This course is a gentle introduction to eco-printing on cotton and paper. Originally created during the covid lockdowns, the focus is on making do with what we have. Simple methods and natural materials. Finding joy in the process and in unexpected results. Join us here.
 And I have a range of other online courses about eco-printing on cotton, wool and paper. Click here to check them out.  

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I also have lots of eco-printing and natural dyeing information available on my blog. I love teaching people about these topics, so I am really glad you have found your way here! I’m looking forward to helping you create your own wardrobe of living colour.