Darn It! darning ecourse


I’ve just opened registrations for a new ecourse, this time about mending your clothes through darning. It’s a joy to be branching out to a new topic, and one that I feel so passionate about.

I value darning as a way to take care of our garments, and in doing so to tend to small parts of this earth.

Darning is also a creative act of self-expression. We all have our own aesthetic tastes and stitching styles, so darns end up being very individual and expressive. And that is part of what makes them so special. I favour visible mending myself, because I love seeing the layers of history and meaning on the garment.

A close up of a cream coloured woollen knit sleeve with a cable pattern. Sections of the sleeve have been mending with golden yellow wool.

Darning is an act of love for ourselves or for another, and of love for this planet. Imbuing our own or our dear ones’ garments with attention and care. The jumper below belongs to my partner, and I keep adding new layers of mending to it. First in buttery yellow wool, than an orange/grey blend.

Close up of a patterned wool jumper, with sections of darning in contrasting colours.

I’m really looking forward to connecting with everyone who joins the course, seeing your darns, and sharing our thoughts on the meaning and joys of mending.

And I know that the lockdowns and the general state of the world are impacting a lot of us financially, so I have kept the price for this course low. Like with all of my ecourses, there are several pricing levels that you can choose from depending on your circumstances.

Click here to find out more about the course, or to join.