From the archives

I’ve been trawling through old photos for a special project I’m working on, and keep finding so many old images that are exciting me. I’ve started posting them to my Instagram page, and thought I’d also share a few here from time to time.

Gumnut Magic mood board

This is a mood board I made of colours, eco-prints, fabrics, bark and leaves, when I was spending some time thinking about the colours and feel of Gumnut Magic and looking for some new inspiration.

And I’d also like to share some photos of a very special dress that I had forgotten I made!

A hand-stitched ‘dress of many cloths’

I created this dress from a range of eco-printed fabrics while staying with a friend down in Victoria. If you’ve read my first ebook,l Gum Leaf Alchemy, you might remember me raving about her magical leaves that print so beautifully while fresh. While there, I eco-printed a range of cotton cloths and a cotton tank top, and then assembled a dress from them.

There are so many string marks and other special details. Some of the leaf prints have a soft watercolour affect, while others are clear and detailed.

I hand-stitched the dress because I didn’t have access to a sewing machine at the time but was desperate to create. A few months later I moved to the Blue Mountains and Gumnut Magic was born. I went on to sew a bunch more dresses but this one remains special, because it was the first, because it was made from such meaningful leaves, and because all of my creative vision was being poured into it with single pointed focus.

Thanks for joining me for this trip down memory lane. I look forward to sharing a few more special projects and images over the next few months.

From the archives