How to Eco-Print on Cotton

Eco-printing on cotton can be a bit more fiddly than eco-printing on wool or silk. Cellulose fibres¬†don’t take up plant dyes as easily as protein fibres do. I have spent about 5 years experimenting with how to best prepare cotton and leaves for eco-printing, and am now able to fairly consistently get bright, clear leaf prints.

Natural dyeing with eucalyptus leaves on cotton

I am delighted to be releasing my ebook, Gum Leaf Alchemy, to share this method with others. The process I have developed works particularly well with eucalyptus leaves, but I have also been getting some good results from experiments with other types of leaves, from both native Australian and introduced plants.

Learn how to eco-print on cotton

The ebook guides you through each step of the process, from finding and preparing leaves and fabric, to arranging the leaves and rolling bundles. Find out more here.

Rolling bundles for eco-printing on cotton
How to arrange leaves and roll eco-print bundles