Wrapping eco-print bundles

Here’s a quick video of how I wrap and unwrap eco-print bundles. Unlike many eco-printers, I don’t wrap around a stick or other firm object. I prefer to just fold the bundle in on itself and then tie tightly. This creates a semi-flexible bundle that fits easily into the dyepot.

This piece was mordanted with iron and eco-printed with eucalyptus leaves. If you would like to see a full video of the process in real time, with each step explained, please check out my eco-printing ecourse, Living Colour. It is such a beautiful and delighting process and I love to teach it to students around the world.

8 thoughts on “Wrapping eco-print bundles”

    1. Sometimes I get more bleed through, but sometimes I can get really clear prints with this simple wrapping method! I also like this method because it means you print with both sides of the leaves- more economical and faster than having to lay out leaves separately for each side of the garment!

    1. Sorry, so far it is only available in English. I hope to get it translated to a few languages in the future.

  1. Signing up for your email! Does the type of eucalyptus leaf used matter? We, I think, have a fairly limited amount of trees here in California.

    1. Most eucalyptus leaves will give prints on cotton with an iron mordant, though the results can vary widely. Wool can be a bit trickier, with some species giving bright prints and some producing poor or no results. But you can also use a wide variety of other leaves, many of which you’d have access to, such as blackberry, Rose, maple, oak, geranium.

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