Eco-printing on paper video tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial I made about eco-printing on paper using a rusty can. I love this method because it is easy to get interesting prints with most types of paper and leaves, although I have used some of my favourites for this demonstration.

This is one of the methods I share in my eco-printing on paper ebook, Plant Poetry, along with lots of information about plants, papers and bundling techniques to try.

If you just want to watch a quick preview of the whole process, check out this short video:

I hope that this inspires you to get creative with the plants around you. Have fun experimenting!

2 thoughts on “Eco-printing on paper video tutorial”

  1. A great clip. Everything was clearly explained and easy to follow. I loved the results. I would love to see more clips from you on eco dyeing. Thanks for sharing👏❤️

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