Meditative drawing on eco-printed paper

Drawing over the top of eco-printed paper is a lovely project to do with all the samples that accumulate. It can be a meditative process, and can also inspire new ways of drawing.

Notanical line drawing over eco-printed, naturally dyed paper

The photo below shows symmetrical paper eco-prints that I created by sandwiching plant matter between two pieces of paper and wrapping them around a rusty tin, before heating in water. You can see how adding simple line drawings with a black fineliner can create a very striking and organic artwork out of what was quite a subdued print.

Drawing on eco-printed paper

Experiment with different types of lines and marks- squiggly lines, dots, light feathery lines, dark bold lines. Keep some areas simple and build others up to create contrast and detail.

Paper eco-print with simple line drawing

If you want help learning how to eco-print so that you can try out these drawings, I have in-depth instructions in my Plant Poetry ebook.

An introduction to simple line drawings over eco-printed paper

16 thoughts on “Meditative drawing on eco-printed paper”

    1. Yes, it is my favourite thing to do with the less striking prints. And a much more inspiring thing to start with than a blank piece of paper.

  1. Beautiful! I have some eco prints that need a bit of drawing to polish them up! Thank you for sharing. Ellen Masters

  2. Love these, I also draw in different ways on my eco printed papers. Soft pencil and watercolour paint are also beautful to embellish the papers with. I like to draw faces within the leaf patterns as well.

  3. Oh my, this is beautiful! I have just started eco dyeing papers to use when I make books. I have been thinking that outlining would take things to the next level on some of the lesser prints and now I am super motivated to try. Off to check out your ebooks as well. Also found you on Instagram. New fan here.

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for your lovely comment. I’m glad my work is inspiring you. Yes, drawing and outlining is a great way to improve some of the less exciting prints. Have fun with it!

    1. Eco-printing on paper is really simple and accesible to get started with, compared to other forms of natural dyeing. And yes, it is a great base for doing some drawing over.

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