Natural dyeing with avocado seeds

I’ve been experimenting with naturally dyeing solid colours, aided by Rebecca Desnos’ beautiful ebook. I recently tried dyeing soy-mordanted cotton with avocado seeds (avocado stones/pits). When I first put the fabric in the dye bath I didn’t quite believe it would do anything. The dye looked quite pale. But I left it for about 30 hours and it slowly turned this vivid pink! Avocado stone dye- dyeing with avodado seeds/pits on soy mordanted cotton I tried eco-printing over this fabric but didn’t have much success. But I was able to create a beautiful resist effect on some watercolour paper. I covered some iron-mordanted watercolour paper with gum leaves, then laid a piece of my avocado-dyed cotton on top, pressed it between 2 tiles and boiled for an hour. Some of the avocado dye transferred to the paper and the pink turned to purple in reaction with the iron. Watercolour paper eco-printed with avocado and gum leaves You can Pin the below image if you want to come back to this later.
Use avocado dyed fabric as a dye blanket when eco-printing on paper

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