The Leaf Guide ebook: sample pages

I get asked often if the method I shared in my first eco-printing ebook, Gum Leaf Alchemy, will also work with other types of leaves beyond eucalyptus. I have spent many months experimenting with every leaf I could get my hands on, and now I can say for sure that yes it will! Most of the leaves I tested produced some kind of mark, though some were definitely better than others. I have collated some of the best and most interesting results into a new ebook, The Leaf Guide.

Eco-printing ebook: A guide to 25 plants for eco-printing on cotton

This ebook covers 25 plants that eco-print well on cotton. For each plant there is a photograph of the leaves and any other distinguishing features such as flowers or seed pods, as well as samples of the eco-prints they produce.

Grevillea leaf eco-print, from The Leaf Guide ebook

Grevillea (above) and maple (below) are some of my favourites prints in the ebook. They give such strong and distinctive results.

Maple leaf eco-prints on cotton, from The Leaf Guide ebook

There are also examples of different pieces of clothing and fabric dyed with mixed leaves, and information about using fresh, dried and soaked leaves.

Shibori eco-print on cotton

If you find eco-printing on cotton difficult, or want to expand your repetoire beyond eucalyptus leaves, this ebook will help you. It can be purchased here.

Native Australian leaves eco-printed on cotton by Gumnut Magic


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