Eco-printing on paper video tutorial: St John’s wort


Here’s a simple video tutorial for eco-printing on paper using St John’s wort. I’ve used three different variables to get quite different results from a single plant:

  • plain watercolour paper
  • paper soaked in iron mordant
  • paper soaked in logwood dye

Although I love the bright results St John’s wort gives on plain paper, the discharge print is really special. As mentioned in the video, you can learn more about discharge eco-printing on paper from my ebook, Plant Poetry. That ebook covers a whole range of methods for eco-printing on paper, and has many examples of plants that are suitable to use.

Here’s a quick version of the tutorial, if you just want to see the process without all the explanations:

Please excuse the sideways orientation, it’s to make it easier to view for those of you on phones!

Here’s the three variations together:

If you’d like to learn more about St John’s wort, or check out some more prints using this plant, take a look at my earlier blog post.

8 thoughts on “Eco-printing on paper video tutorial: St John’s wort”

  1. Lástima que vimeo no tiene traducción, los que no entendemos el idioma no tenemos acceso a tus maravillosos consejos y técnicas…

  2. Mary Lynn Laker

    Love your results. What is log wood dye….? I would appreciate an email response if your not too busy, Thanks.

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